SMART Approach® with Talent Identification Program®
Why SMART Approach?
  • Preview student profiles before you buy based on your institution's unique predictive model score
  • Find students nationwide with a high propensity to enroll in your institution
  • Craft your class by filtering predictive model scores and student profile characteristics to optimize your prospect pool
SMART Predictor pinpoints students most likely to enroll to your institution.
See national breakdown of your SMART scores
Obtain in-depth county breakdown
Analyze your select SMART prospects
"Marywood University has partnered with NRCCUA® for a number of years and has continuously experienced excellent yield results through our SMART Approach® purchases. By strategically selecting those students who have a higher probability to enroll at Marywood, we are able to focus our efforts and resources on qualified students. "

Lisa Casella
Associate Director for University Admissions Communications
Marywood University
What is SMART Approach?
SMART Approach is a powerful, strategic tool developed by enrollment experts exclusively for higher education and is tailored specifically to your institution. A custom model, explicitly for your institution, scores each record in the nation’s largest college planning program, My College Options®. With this predictive resource, easily access those records that are qualified and have a high probability of enrollment. Preview your selections before purchasing a single record, ensuring you are capturing the proper audience. Improve your return on investment by focusing on what really matters!
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Institution Case Studies: SMART Approach Success
"The SMART Approach® has given us more insight into the student search process and shaping our funnels. I have been impressed by the professionalism, expertise and superior customer service I’ve received from the NRCCUA® staff."

Kristin Vogel
Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Concordia University, St. Paul
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