Legacy Student Locator®
Why Legacy Student Locator?
  • It's the ONLY source for finding important connections to your institution
  • Identify key students who deserve special recruiting attention
  • Pay only for matches found
"The Admissions team at Harding University has had great success using NRCCUA's Legacy Student Locator®. No longer do we receive calls from our own alumni or donors asking why we are not recruiting their children. This service from NRCCUA is the easiest and quickest way we have found to ensure that our Admissions team is in effective communication with children of our constituents."

Glenn Dillard
Assistant VP for Enrollment
Harding University
What is Legacy Student Locator?
Find children and siblings of the people most important to your institution using Legacy Student Locator. Develop these relationships as early as you can, building those special ties that often influence the college selection process. These key prospects have very important connections that you don’t want to miss.
"The University of Wyoming has found the Legacy Student Locator® service extremely effective in connecting with children of our alumni. While the UW alumni base is large and we are in constant contact with them, NRCCUA’s Legacy Student Locator has become a great secondary source of prospective students who are the children of alumni and other UW friends. Last year alone, this program helped UW identify 3,066 prospective students potentially missed using our traditional alumni contact methods. Legacy Student Locator is a valuable component to our recruiting efforts."

Rob Dennis
Associate Director of Admission
University of Wyoming
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