Declared Student Connection
Why Declared Student Connection?
  • Declared Student Connection inquiries are 8 times more likely, on average, to enroll in institutions they declare
  • Identify secret shoppers interested in your institution
  • Save search efforts and expenses by treating these students as priority inquiries
"We are very excited about the NRCCUA® Declared Student Connection - because we're receiving complete profile information on grade 9-12 students who have already indicated (through My College Options®) that High Point University is one of their top choices for college. This program fits very well with our goals of reaching out early to students who already have an interest and would like to explore opportunities at HPU."

Andy Bills
Vice President for Enrollment
High Point University
What is Declared Student Connection?
Declared Student Connection identifies students who have reported a specific interest in attending your institution. Students provide this information in an unbiased, unaided environment, making this very powerful information! Take advantage of the compelling insight provided by this industry-leading program and see where you may have hidden brand awareness. Connect with these students early in the college selection process, making sure to reach these self-identified prospects before your competitors!
"The University of Arizona has benefited greatly from the services of NRCCUA®. Both resident and non-resident data from the programs we utilize, Legacy Student Locator® and the Declared Student Connection, have contributed to positive enrollment growth. Between the two services we use, we received over 17,000 student names in which to reach out. Of those 17,000, 18% applied for admission and of the admitted pool, 49% selected the UA and now call Tucson home."

Kasey Urquidez
Associate Vice President, Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
The University of Arizona
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